Area 51

Future Wars (Amazing Graphics)
On the PC, Area 51 excels most in the realm of visuals, though perhaps not quite as much so as on consoles. The graphics have a consistently sharp, well-rounded look. All the environments are nicely detailed and are actually pretty well varied, despite almost entirely taking place within the confines of a government laboratory.

Area-51 looks and feels like your typical PC FPS. The best thing the game has going for it, at least visually, is the variety of environments contained in the game. Considering that it all takes place within a government installation, your first inclination is to picture long lengths of grey halls with a few desks and computers. However, Area-51 isn't just any government installation, a fact that allows for some really nice set pieces that help to play into the mystique of Area-51 that the game feeds on. Another thing the game does well is lighting effects that set the entire area alive. What Area-51 doesn't do well are characters. Modeling and other visual factors aside, Area-51 lacks variety and fails to really set itself apart from the pack with its characters. All of the mutants, aliens and soldiers you come across could have easily been found in other games, something that actually becomes something of a theme for the game once you delve into gameplay.

As already mentioned, Area-51 is your standard, no-frills shooter. Unless you've never touched an FPS before, you'll feel immediately comfortable with everything the game has to offer. While it's not a bad thing, it's also not necessarily a good thing either, bringing us to Area-51's biggest problem, it's too generic. Even with the mutant powers, there's little here that we haven't seen before. The developers have done an admirable job of bringing mechanics and setups from other games into Area-51, but all this does is make you want to go back and play those games since they at least offer something original. Still, the game is definitely fun, its just not a breakout title and will strike most PC gamers with a feeling of deja vu.

Hardcore FPS fans who just want a new game where they get to blow up a bunch of stuff and shoot aliens will enjoy taking Area-51 for a spin. Anyone looking for something new should probably hold off.

Steps of installation:
1.) Extract the downloaded games and double click on unpack.bat
2.) Extract the File Patch to the game directory - Overwriting existing files!
3.) Play the Game!


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