Counter-Strike Online Beta 2008

Counter-Strike Online Beta 2008
Studio Valve announced the completion of the first open test megahitovoy game Counter-Strike Online, where fans live all over the world. Testing was conducted in South Korea. According to the company, the beta version of Counter-Strike Online injected about 170 thousand inhabitants of this country. The following countries where people are able to test the game will be Japan, Taiwan and China. Date of the test are not reported. As however, and no indication as to when Counter-Strike Online appears in Europe and even more so in Russia. Until strelyalka will be available to residents of the exclusive Asian market. Time passed Silent CS Online is now available to us, still on the Korean Language (or Chinatown), though you can play.

Year: 2008 Genre: Action / Shuter
Developer: Valve Publisher: Nexon
Platform: PC type publications: license
Language: Korean
Tabletka: Not required

Features Counter Strike Online:

1) New maps in Counter strike online
2) Tunnel first official deathmatch map in counter strike online, a small card with a large number prepyatsvy.
3) Camouflage Saving hostages held in 2 buildings.
4) Camouflage Camouflage 2 balanced version
5) REX Laboratory with two bombpleysami located on the second floor
6) Hardcore dark without a map of the world, can only be used flashlight, nightvision unavailable.
7) New models of players in Counter strike online Added 10 new models of players to 5 for each team:

Phoenix Connexion
Elite Crew
Arctic Avengers
Guerilla Warfare
Midwest Militia
Red Beret Condittiere
Asia Red Army
National Liberation Campaign
Vigilante Corps


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