Mr. Bean 1

Explore the hilarious world of Mr Bean and friends, as you accompany your favourite comedy character on more exciting adventures in this fabulous new PC game. Based on the popular series from Tiger Aspect Productions, the hopelessly daft but delightful Mr Bean embarks on a search for Teddy and invites you along for the ride. Side-splitting story, simple controls, fun tasks and fabulous gameplay - join Mr Bean and have fun like you've never known before.

Game features:
Experience 12 levels of fun and action-packed gameplay, based around four themes and 26 exciting minigames, some of which you can play against a friend in a two-player mode
Use a pickaxe to search for hidden treasure in Mrs Wicket's garden and test your speed in super-fast frantic play, catching frogs in the net.
Progress through the game collecting various objects and use them to help Mr Bean get out of the hilarious scrapes he gets himself into.
Take part in a fairground style shooting range and see how many points you can score
Get behind the wheel of Mr Bean's Mini or Irma's three-wheeler and test your speed in the craziest race ever
Explore the wacky world! Blow up breakable walls, discover exciting maze areas, avoid piranha plants and dodge deadly trees.
Thrilling gameplay, absorbing activities, simple controls and hours of fun - all this and more in this fantastic new game on your PC

System requirements:
Windows XP/Vista
DirectX 7
1 GHz
256 MB RAM


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