Vampire Hunters (2009) (PC)

The city lies down to sleep while somewhere in the middle of an old dockyard a man?s life fades away. The most skilled vampire hunter is dead. The night is damp and chilly as the investigation begins. The main character in this tale is an adventurer who has been living in the company of the undead for years. The story starts to unfold as a mysterious murder, apparently without a motive, takes place on one of the dockyard?s piers. None of the Nosferatu clans claims responsibility for the attack and what are even worse, strange things start to happen.


* PC with 1.3 GHz processor
* Graphics card for modern games with 256 MB ram (preferably 512 MB video ram)
* 1.7 GB of free hard drive space during installation
* Microsoft Windows operating system (preferably Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP)


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