The Hunter (2009) (PC)

Platform: PC
Category: Hunting
Publisher: Other
Release: 2009/01/15
Size: 496.9 MB

Holding a gun in a good FPS for you is pure fun or is more than a sport seriously? If you have fun with other players in his sights, the best thing to do is pick one of many multiplayer games, shot, but if you think a weapon should never be drawn to another human being, The Hunter is a good option. Weapons of truth in a great FPS, the difference here is that you hunt animals instead of people.

Embark on a nature reserve and increase your contact with nature, even animals at sports. The idea of the game completely away from multiplayer games, shot, instead of a closed environment and full of adrenaline in the game you're looking for animals within a vast forest. Nothing to get shooting, a good camouflage and cautious movements are essential to play a single decisive shot.

Start the Hunt

Prepare to walk, and much! The area of play is huge and do not expect to find a deer just waiting to be slaughtered at the door of his cabin. So before leaving home make sure everything that needs to be leading as a weapon, ammunition, sights, binoculars and GPS, it will not be easy return.

30 bullets Consider an exaggeration, because ammunition was made here not to be missed in games. Leave to pull the trigger only when you are in a favorable position with a strong animal in your sights, shoot at random amazing animals in the area. It is also important abusing his binoculars, walking on foot around any animal will certainly also deters him. Move in with caution and go below the ground or pouring to increase its benefits.


Minimum PC System Requirements

3GHz Intel Pentium 4 or AMD equivalent.

1GB of RAM.

Graphics card with 256MB of memory.
(nVidia GeForce 7600/ATI Radeon X1800 or higher. Intel Graphics not supported.)

Windows XP SP2 or Vista
Software Requirements
Web browser:
Firefox 3.0 or Internet Explorer 7. (We do not support Opera, Safari, Chrome at this stage. The web site will still work
in these browsers but may not function correctly.)
This is a small application that must be installed to play theHunter. It is an application that downloads and updates the
3D client.
theHunter 3D Client:
This is the 3D hunting game. (This will be downloaded automatically when you first go hunting)
Aug 2008 DirectX 9.0c End User Runtime. (included in EmoteLauncher Installation)

Required only on Windows XP
Microsoft. Net Framework 2.1: (Available free at Microsoft Download Center)

The game works in an integrated way to the browser, so that not just install the game to play, to get it you need to access the page of the developers. Download and install the game normally, then visit the game page and make your registration to guarantee their access. Within the same page, please create your login and the profile of your character before exiting the game.

You can find all the information you need in this address: your inventory, reports, table with the best hunters and access to the island Whitehart the appropriate place for hunting. Within the "The Hunt", choose your starting position on the map and select Go Hunting for the board game. Every player starts with access to only a small part of the island, but if desired, the full pass to the island can be bought by some amount.


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